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U.S. Vets Adopt Pets - Pets are fun & they are good for my health... 


WELCOME -and Thank you for letting us THANK YOU for your service by paying the shelter pet adoption fee for your next companion pet. The process with us is really easy...Just need you to read, sign, email return along with Military status verification.  We are really looking forward to working with you to find your next companion pet. If you send in your DD214, I do not need your SSN, feel free to magic marker your SSN out so it can not be read.

Click this link, SIGN UP HERE read the program information, then print out the last page for your signature, either scan it back into your computer to email back to us or mail it in along with your Military ID.  If you are proficient with PDF's, you can download it and sign the document online, then just attach to your email.

If you can not get the above link to open, copy and paste the link into your browser.


If you email me and do not hear from us quickly, check your SPAM FOLDER... YOU CAN ALSO GIVE US A CALL at 415-424-2334


U.S. Vets Adopt Pets

P.O. Box 15041
San Francisco, CA 94115

VETS ADOPT PETS IS NATIONWIDE - Go to the shelter in your immediate area


If you want to find out more about getting a SERVICE DOG, this link will take you to our INFORMATION & REFERRAL page on Vets Adopt Pets.org .... the side of the page will be a dark red in color...We provide the groundwork for understanding all that is involved with Service Dogs, and want you to keep 4 things in mind... We also make a some referrals to service dog organizations HERE.

1.  A Military Person should NOT have to pay for a service dog, the dogs training or any other cost, such as an application fee.

2.  A service dog must be trained to perform a physical task for you.  Begin to think about how your medical issues show on a physical level... Call if you want or need to discuss... 

3.  The Service Dog TRAINER must be accredited with ADI- Assistance Dog International to allow the dog on VA or Military grounds.

4.  Double check with each org you speak with on the above topics. 





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